Payment for Term 3, 2013/2014

Please note that due to the limited number of school classrooms and other resources allocated to the Russian school, the number of pupils we can accept is limited. Please ensure your child's place by paying promptly. Lists of pupils in each class are revised every trimester on the basis of timely payment. In many groups there is a lack of places and a waiting list has been drawn up. Thus, the school reserves the right to allocate places only to the children whose parents have paid fees in due time.

Please make the payment not later than 15 March 2014 as detailed here (members access only). Late payments (after 15 April 2014) will be subject to a £20 surcharge, provided places are still available in the group.

If your child attends one of our after school clubs, there is a fee of £20.00 per term (except for Exam - £25.00)

The following discounts are available (only one can be applied at any time):

- 20% for the 2nd and 3rd child;

- 50% for children from low income families (we will require an official document, such as P60, for example) in order to consider the discount. Please send you application with supporting documents to or Nina Dobrovinskaya at by 15 March. You must confirm your low income annually.

- 50% for children of Russian Edinburgh teachers

If you have any questions with regards to fees and payments please contact Galina McIntosh or Nina Dobrovinskaya.