Our goals:

  • To develop and extend interest in Russian language and culture.
  • Development of verbal skills (storytelling and narration).
  • Development of written skills and techniques (writing essays, compositions, expositions, dictations, making titles, continue stories etc.)
  • Memory improvement and familiarity with poetry - reading and declamation.
  • Vocabulary - meaning of new words, idioms, popular expressions, proverbs and sayings.
  • Grammar, spelling and syntax:
    • Auditee vowels and consonants.
    • Pair consonants.
    • Letters and syllables.
    • Paronymous words.
    • Soft sign and its functions.
    • Punctuation marks.
    • Parts of speech - Noun, Adjective, Verb, Pronoun, Preposition.
    • Parts of word - Prefix, Root, Suffix, Ending