First Aid Policy And Procedure

Created: February 2016

Reviewed: April 2017

Review date: February 2018


To deal efficiently and effectively with First Aid emergencies that may arise while children are in our care.

Who is your First Aid

The School has one Russian Edinburgh member responsible for First Aid. First aider holds current Paediatric First Aid qualification. They are responsible for maintaining the correct contents of First Aid box and administering First Aid when necessary and appropriate.

The name of nominated First Aider who have completed First Aid qualification is displayed in Russian Edinburgh library (basement floor). Russian Edinburgh is planning to train more Russian Edinburgh members to ensure that we provide enough qualified first aiders.

Teachers in charge of pupils are expected to use their best endeavours at all times, particularly in emergencies, to secure the welfare of the pupils at the school in the same way that parents might be expected to act towards their children. In general, the consequences of taking no action are likely to be more serious than those of trying to assist in an emergency.

First aid box and Accident book

The First Aid box will be regularly checked to ensure its contents are up to date and in good condition. It is stored in the library (basement floor). Incidents requiring First Aid whether an accident or an ill health incident will need to be reported on an Accident book which is accessible in the library (basement floor). Completed record (by First Aider or teacher) should be forwarded to the Russian Edinburgh committee.

Dealing With First Aid Issues

For any emergency procedures to work well, teachers and Russian Edinburgh members must be aware of the procedures and have the opportunity to test, evaluate and modify them to ensure they are working. Parents should provide Russian Edinburgh with any change of personal details (such as address, telephone numbers etc) that the school has the necessary details to make the appropriate contact in an emergency.

At the moment Russian Edinburgh school has the following procedure:

Teacher is to contact the First Aid person (via mobile phone) to attend the incident. It will be the First Aider’s decision as to whether further medical assistance is required or whether they can deal with the situation themselves. In any case, the incident will be reported to the parent immediately and recorded in Accident book as soon as possible. If further medical assistance is required, the First Aider will request that a teacher/adult arranges for an ambulance to be called. If the First Aid person advises that the injured person needs to be assessed at the local Accident and Emergency Services but the injuries are not severe enough to call an ambulance, parent will arrange to transport the injured pupil to hospital. Record of incident will be passed to the Russian Edinburgh Committee.

Useful contacts:

The closest A&E children’s hospital (until 2017 when it is going to be transferred to Royal Infirmary):

Royal Hospital for Sick Children



0131 536 0000

2.54 km from Drummond

NHS24 - Scotland's national Telehealth and Telecare organisation.

Call free on 111 if you are ill and it can't wait until your regular NHS service reopens


Call 999

British Red Cross training

Find out which first aid course is right for you. For more information or to book a course call:

0845 527 7743