February 2012

Post date: Apr 6, 2012 10:16:37 PM

Treasurer vacancy

Russian Edinburgh invites candidates for the volunteer position of Russian Edinburgh Treasurer.

The treasurer is responsible for overseeing all Russian Edinburgh financial activities, compiling and providing financial information for the Committee, members of Russian Edinburgh, the auditor and OSCR. As part of the enthusiastic Committee you will have the opportunity to be involved in shaping Russian Edinburgh.

If you need any additional information about this vacancy, please contact us via mail@russianedinburgh.org.uk

Parents’ duty rota

The Committee of Russian Edinburgh is hoping that there is enough interest from parents in ensuring pupils’ safety and comfort by reintroducing the parents’ duty rota during school hours. Duties include providing information about the school, keeping the school classrooms in order and in ensuring the security and discipline of pupils at the school. Parents of pupils should share the duties during class hours of 10.00-13.00. Please register your interest for the date(s) most convenient for you here or with administrator during school hours.

Psychologist and Speech therapist

Please be reminded that the services of professional consultant psychologist Elena Gilchrist are currently available. Elena holds consultations for parents and children every Saturday from 9-10 am in the school. Please contact Elena for further information.

Irina Kostarnova is a professional speech therapist. Irina is holding preliminary consultations for children (with parents’ consent) every Saturday in March from 11 am until 12-30 pm in the school. Please contact Irina for further information.

Popular science lectures

We are starting a series of lectures for children from 11 years old and adults. The first lecture will take place on 17 March from 11-12 noon in the Resource Room (Beta’s classroom). The subject is Cloning is fun. Dr. Yuri Kotelevtsev, leading researcher of the Centre of Cardiovascular Sciences in the Queen’s Medical Research Institute at the University of Edinburgh and head of the Modification of stem cell genes laboratory at the Pushchino State Institute of Natural Sciences, will explain what cloning is, how you can clone your cat, dog, your grandmother, or yourself, and what you need it for.

Excursion to the National Gallery of Scotland

Thanks a lot to Tatyana Herries who was our guide in the National Gallery of Scotland in February. She provided us with fascinating facts. We hope to see you again soon.

Excursion with Russian Speaking guide for children from 4 to 7 years old

7 April, Saturday, 13.40 – 16.30

You are invited on an excursion to Old Bo’ness & Kinneil Railway and Scottish Railway Exhibition (Easter Egg trip). We will gather at the Bo’ness station at 13:40 and hop on the train at 14:00. Each child will be treated to a nice Easter egg! Do not forget food for a picnic which we will have on the train. The journey lasts 1 hour 15 minutes. After the journey we will spend an hour in the steam train museum at Bo’ness station. Price: £9 per adult, £4 per child. The number of places is limited. Location: Bo'ness Station, Union Street, Bo'ness, Scotland, EH51 9AQ Tel: 01506 825 855. Please make your own way to the station by car (30-40 minutes drive from Edinburgh). If you could give other members of the group a lift it would be greatly appreciated. The tour is led by Sofia Soboleva, licensed Russian speaking guide. To book and pay please contact the administrator (by 31 March)

Coach excursion with Russian Speaking Guide for children from 7 years old and their parents

New Lanark

1 April, Sunday. 9.30 - 17.30 (8 hours).

New Lanark is an 18th century cotton mill less than an hour from Edinburgh and Glasgow founded by Scottish socialist Robert Owen. He tried to create a model city, where the working hours were shorter, salaries higher, and where there was running water in workers’ homes and school education for their children. Today New Lanark World Heritage Site is beautifully restored. Discover about the life and work of the children 200 years ago in the interactive Visitor Centre. From New Lanark you can enjoy beautiful riverside walks through the Falls of Clyde Wildlife Reserve. If the weather permits, we will have a picnic. If rainy, we will have lunch in the cafe. Excursion price: £15.00 per child, £20.00 per adult (includes coach, guide and entrance to the attraction). Meals are not included in the price. The tour is led by Sofia Soboleva, licensed Russian speaking guide. To book and pay please contact the administrator (by 22 March)

Minutes of the meeting which took place on 11 February 2012 (in Russian only)