February 2009

Post date: Apr 16, 2009 8:40:49 PM


Russian Edinburgh is grateful to Sofia Soboleva for the most exciting tours for the pupils and parent of our school during the winter break on February 14th, 2009!

Junior 5-8 year old pupils visited the Museum for Musical Instruments, where they got familiar with the history of music and musical instruments in an enjoyable interactive way. The children had opportunity see musical instruments from different times and epochs and even to try playing on some of them! The tour finished with a workshop, when the two teams of children managed to complete the assignment with no mistakes!

Senior 9-14 year old pupils visited the Scottish parliament where they learnt the story of the British parliament and the history of the Scottish parliament building itself in an informal free and friendly way. The pupils were extremely enthusiastic to take part in the role play activity of being Scottish politicians, preparing and presenting the election speeches in the Scottish parliament chamber.

Huge thanks to Sofia from the pupils and the parents!